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Stories About Apple iPhone LCD Repairs:

I’m a law student at one of the local universities. My dad was thrilled when he found out that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I remember the day that I told him… how he went out and bought me a new iPhone in celebration. I was thrilled and he was thrilled. We were “a pair” as, he put it. It was like nothing I had ever done – good or bad – had ever mattered. I was just happy about the iPhone and the prospect of a financially secure career. He was ecstatic about his “legacy” or some such nonsense. Anyway, that was a few years ago. I still have my iPhone and it’s since become an essential part of my life. I have all of my contacts stored in its hard drive and every single business appointment or intern conference or final exam scheduled inside that little device. One day I was sitting in court with my mentor – a valuable opportunity for experience as well as class credits. I listened to the opening statements and took notes – as my position required – but when the proceeding was ended, my mentor told me that we needed to appear a week from the day in front of the judge for various lawyer matters. In all honesty, I wasn’t paying that much attention to him, but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget, so I pulled out my iPhone and started programming the meeting into my schedule book. I was almost done when I tripped on the leg of one of the tables and went sprawling to the ground. Physically, it hurt… but not as much as the pain of seeing my iPhone go skidding across the floor. My mentor helped me up and I retrieved my phone… realizing very quickly the immense damage that had been done. The iPhone LCD screen was cracked and fractured in a way that I was sure could never be repaired. To my amazement, however, I got home and did some research online – quickly coming across an iPhone repair company that specialized in Apple iPhone LCD replacement. It was a miracle! I sent in my iPhone immediately, hoping to get it back by the same time the next week. To my surprise, the iPhone was returned within only days. I tore open the box and checked over the phone – finding it in perfect, working order. The screen looked as good as new and even my information was safe. In fact, everything was there. Nothing at all had been lost and it was like having a brand new iPhone. I guess I learned something because of the incident: not everything is hopeless – no matter how badly you screwed up.

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